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Is Underfloor Heating Worth the Money?

When building a new house or extending an existing one, the addition of underfloor heating could seem a costly addition. However, there are a range of benefits both financial and in quality of life that make it a more than worthy investment.

Underfloor heating works by raising the temperature of every inch of the floor it is installed in, as a result heat is spread uniformly throughout the room. Installing underfloor heating means that you can say goodbye to cold patches in your living room or that spot on the sofa next to the radiator which acts as a Scandinavian sauna.

Financially, there are various benefits of underfloor heating. One of these is the minimal maintenance required after installation, most underfloor heating systems fitted by reputable installers will offer a 25 year warranty. Once the system is fitted, the only thing to worry about is what temperature you want your living room at.

Moreover, the inclusion of underfloor heating in a property can increase its overall value. The added luxury of heated flooring in a bathroom or kitchen can give a premium feel, with its reputation as a cutting edge and carbon friendly technology, it could attract buyers. Taking this viewpoint, underfloor heating should be seen as a great investment.

It has been proven that underfloor heating systems can operate at a heating efficiency 15-40% greater than that of a traditional radiator based heating system. This is because the heat provided by the system is retained far more effectively in the floor than in the air. For the homeowner, this means cheaper energy bills and a warmer home. Not to mention a system which is better for the environment.

Underfloor heating is an added luxury which given the right equipment can be fitted by any experienced DIY'er. A dramatic home improvement can be made with a relatively small investment of time and money - especially without the added cost of paying for installation.

For more information on the types of underfloor heating we offer here at RHS take a look at our pages on MYSON and the Benefits of Underfloor Heating. For any further information do not hesitate to contact us via email or one of the contact forms. We offer premium underfloor heating equipment at unbeatable prices, accompanied by customer service that has that family feel.

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