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Why Underfloor Heating...

Underfloor heating is a modern and high tech solution which allows homeowners to experience the luxury of warm floors on a cold winters morning. Here, we discuss these and the improvement they can make to any home.

Energy Efficient Heating 

Underfloor heating provides consistent, efficient warmth from the floor up. Warm water systems pump gently heated water through pipes to create a comfortable temperature.

Traditional radiators need to be heated to a high temperature (between 65-75 degrees Celsius) in order to heat up a room effectively, whereas floor heating only needs to run at a temperature of 29 degrees Celsius or less, depending on the floor finish, in order to warm the room.  These lower temperatures consume less energy and can help keep your energy bills far lower.

Furthermore, radiators heat the air nearest them first, which is why rooms heated by radiators are prone to “cold spots”, meaning that the air feels cold in the middle of the room and very hot next to the radiators. This usually results in opening a window above the radiator to bring some fresh air in, and there we go again, letting all that energy paid to warm up the house escape out of the window. Radiant heat provides warmth from the floor up throughout the room without any cold spots or stuffiness in the area being heated.

Effortless to Run 

A key benefit of underfloor heating is that once installed, the systems require almost no maintenance whatsoever, if this is combined with one of the touchscreen thermostats found in the MYSON FLOORTEC packs then the climate can be easily controlled.

Design Freedom 

With underfloor heating systems, you’re able to design your dream house without bulky radiators taking up valuable space on the walls. Even the most modern radiators take up room, so imagine the design freedom you have with heated floors – you can decorate the walls as you wish without having to plan around radiators.

Floor heaters can be installed in every room of your home and can be used as either the primary heating source or as a secondary heat source to work alongside your existing heating system.

Ease of Installation 

Underfloor heating systems are surprisingly easy to install, suitable for renovations, new build projects, and extensions. We offer a range of fixing solutions that can be selected to fit any situation. 

Underfloor Heating Essentials

These are the fundamental pieces of equipment required to build a reliable and efficient underfloor heating system:

  • Manifold 

  • Pump 

  • Actuator 

  • Electronic Room Thermostat

  • Wiring Centre 

  • Pipe 

You can find all of these in our store here.

Example Design .png

Above is an example of an installation plan completed by our experts here at Reid Heating Supplies. To obtain your very own solution, along with all the supplies for installation, hit the button below.

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