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Underfloor Heating Manifolds

An underfloor heating manifold is simply the central hub of the system that distributes hot/cold water to each underfloor heating/cooling zone. The pipe loops are secured to these manifolds by compression adaptors.


    Welcome to Reid Heating Supplies, your trusted destination for premium Myson underfloor heating manifolds. We take pride in offering top-tier heating solutions, and our Myson manifolds are no exception.

    Achieve precise control over your underfloor heating system with Myson manifolds. Whether you're managing multiple zones in a residential space or optimizing heating in a commercial setting, our manifolds empower you to maintain the perfect temperature with ease.

    Myson underfloor heating manifolds aren't just about quality; they're about enhancing your comfort and energy efficiency. By distributing heat evenly and efficiently, these manifolds ensure that every corner of your space remains warm and cozy.

    At Reid Heating Supplies, we're committed to providing you with the best Myson has to offer. Our premium underfloor heating manifolds are designed to elevate your heating experience, offering precision, reliability, and superior performance.

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