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Frequently Asked Questions 

Here, we aim to answer some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to underfloor heating, and how it works.

  • Is underfloor heating expensive to run?
    Like all heating systems, if installed with adequate quality, they can be an efficient and responsive form of heating a home. Compared to water underfloor heating, electric underfloor heating is typically more expensive to run, but it has other merits such as easier installation and quicker response time. The cost of wet underfloor heating is typically lower than electric as the cost per kilowatt of heating water with a gas boiler is less than the cost per degree of heating a wire.
  • What are the disadvantages of underfloor heating?
    Underfloor heating does not typically perform as efficiently when installed under a carpet. The best floor finish to have are tiles followed by vinyl, laminate and engineered wood (in order of efficiency).
  • How long will my order take to arrive?
    We typically ship your order next day, and aim for delivery within 5 working days. This can be extended to up to 10 days with orders of a very large quantity, or orders where we have specified a longer lead time than standard due to ongoing supply chain issues. Rest assured, if there is any issue with your order we will let you know the second we find out.
  • Do you install underfloor heating?
    Although we can rely on 30 years experience of supplying and fitting underfloor heating, we no longer run a fitting service. We do have good relations with many underfloor heating installers, and can recommend fitters in your area.
  • Can underfloor heating be expensive to run?
    When underfloor heating is fitted without insulation boards and not programmed correctly it can be expensive to run. We recommend that heating systems are not left on permanently, but are programmed to come on at key intervals during the day. This would typically be first thing in the morning and in the evening, especially during winter.
  • Should you fit underfloor heating under kitchen units?
    No. Avoid fitting underfloor heating underneath any fixed appliances as the heat will be trapped underneath the kitchen units. This then means that heat is wasted and therefore cost is wasted.
  • Do you offer trade/merchant discounts?
    Yes, if you are a tradesman we would love to give you a discount on our products. Just send us an email and once we have verified your business we will set you up with a discount account. We also offer trade discounts on full installation systems, including drawings.
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